How to Insert a Degree or Certificate Into a Diploma Cover

Well, needless to say, it’s out of the world feeling when we earn a degree or diploma after investing our time, efforts, and hard work towards the attainment of our life’s goal. It’s not a lifetime achievement, as there’s much to achieve ahead, but yes, it’s not even less than a milestone.

After we have gained such a prestigious accomplishment, now its the turn of its safety. Diploma, a document, and obviously a piece of paper, needs to be preserved.

Well, there are various options to keep your diploma, but as this delicate leaf holds a lot, so it deserves the best home that should be perfect, not just in look, but also in quality.

The first and the best option that we can pick for keeping our certificate protected is a Diploma Cover. It would be an ideal choice to place your diploma safely forever. However, preserving a degree in a diploma cover demands a cautious procedure.

certificate covers

Today, we are here with every step that should be followed to keep your diploma fresh, ever after. So, let’s get started in the following way.

How to Insert a Certificate into a Diploma Cover

Now, we will check out how we can insert our diploma in a diploma cover following the below instructions.

 Your certificate doesn’t necessarily be awarded, encapsulated in a cover, by your institution. Although it’s even not requisite also, we can say this. Being an owner of the diploma, we should also be in charge of its safety, at least. We can: 

  • Spend a big amount and get our certificate framed on the wall, or
  • Can opt for a cost-effective, yet fascinating, simple, or customized diploma covers, or
  • Can just make it stand on your shelf or desk, at your office or home, to exhibit its impressive gape.

 Items Required

  • Graduation Certificate
  • Diploma Cover

 Step 1

certificate cover

Open the package holding your diploma cover, take it out, and just ensure that it reveals the right color and the correct size, simply best-fit for your degree. 

Step 2

degree certificate acetate

Pull off the acetate protector, shielding your cover.

Step 3

certificate cover open

Now, carefully pick your certificate and next, insert its top-left corner slowly into the small corner ribbon that’s triangular, and repeat the same for the remaining three corners. 

Step 4

Now, place the acetate protector, back over your diploma, by sliding its edges in place. 

Step 5

final certificate in diploma cover

Finally, your credential is ready to show-off its proud hues, allow it to settle in your display. 

This is how you can follow the aforementioned steps to preserve your certificate safely in your diploma cover for a lasting and fresh appearance.