What Is The Best Paper for Printing Certificates

There exist various factors that we need to consider when it comes to designing and printing of certificates. Starting from picking the right wording to choosing a font style, suiting the purpose of the certificate, the thoughts go deeper into certificate planning, than we realize.

A certificate or diploma or formal award is not just a piece of paper. It’s the proof of achievement and a memory for years of caliber, efforts, and attainment. People keep their certificates throughout their life years as they wish to preserve those big moments of their lives. When memorizing and celebrating significant occasions, picking the top quality paper to print a certificate is important.

Today, we are going to learn that what paper you should hand-pick for printing your certificates.

A paper is divided into two major categories, the text and cover, which one we should pick depends entirely on what sort of certificate we want to produce. For gifting a certificate, one can choose a cover stock as it is stiff, similar to a playing card, also as the weight increases, the stiffer it will feel. On the contrary, when we want to produce a certificate like an award one, then a text paper would be better. Text is light as it's simpler to emboss and can be watermarked if the certificate is a "Certificate of Authenticity", that concerns security.

When we print certificates, the most crucial element is the paper we prefer. It can define the variations between a lasting certificate that bestows a look and feel like it comes from a well-recognized institution.

Before we jump onto certificate printing, we will now put some light on various paper options to ease you to pick the best paper that fulfills your purpose. Well, it’s imperative to note which paper we should choose, as the right and the best one can also beat the fraud with security traits that make it hard to make alterations in the print with no damage to images or text. So, let’s get started.

Best Paper Choices for Certificate Printing

1.Linen Paper

linen paper

This paper provides the same look and feels as its name suggests. Its embossed, subtle texture appears to be expensive and captivating, the two traits that are cherished by the certificate printers. It’s widely preferred for important documents, like restaurant menus, certificates, etc.

2. Parchment Paper

parchment paper

Known to be the most picked paper for printing certificates, Parchment paper’s spotted and an exceptional look that shows a feel of antiquity, whereas its thick paper is resilient and hardy. Also, parchment paper can be used by inkjet printers, laser printers, calligraphy, copiers, and even typewriters. This way, it becomes a versatile selection that can be employed in distinct ways to print the certificates with a sober feel.

3. Laid Paper

laid paper

A finish, similar to a handcrafted paper that the laid paper holds is attained by a finely ribbed surfacing that it gets while being carried through the process of production, as the paper is crafted on the wire molds that offer it remarkable watermarks of thin lines closely marked.

4. Granite Paper

For a visually dense look, you can choose granite paper that offers a polished granite view. It’s the best pick for the certificates and also for presentations, letterheads, personal stationery, and more.

Choosing the best and right paper for your certificate is a procedure that should be seamless. The paper is the most crucial part of printing the project as it's not only noticed but also felt. So, be attentive and try your best to go for the most captivating and best-quality paper for printing certificates that may offer a lasting impression and life to the award.

To Conclude

If you are still confused about paper choices for your certificate then don't worry because your printer person will have good knowledge about the kind of paper you should use. Most printer shops have printed many such certificates so they know what works and what doesn't. If you want to get your certificate printed by an artist with a custom design then it's possible that the artist may choose a paper that works best with his/her design. If you don't want to get puzzled by too many choices then pick Parchment paper for printing your certificate.

Once your certificate is printed you should then get a personalized certificate cover to keep it safe and display your certificate in style.